Tom & Elayne, circa 2013

"Happy trails to you, until we meet again...."



OUR DOORS ON 10/15/13.

In order to accomodate last minute requests,

we delayed our retirement and stuck around

until 12/7. Sorry if we left anyone hanging.



Thanks to all of you who made our

quarter century in the bike business

prosperous and pleasant. We certainly

didn't get rich, but we did it our way.


"Some of the most memorable moments of my life were illuminated by my TG-10.

It is probably the only thing I have ever ridden with that never gave me problems."


"I have learned over time to value experiences over possessions. Some of my finest

and most treasured experiences have been on bicycles; some of my favorite cycling

experiences have been in the dark, accompanied by good friends and illuminated

by your trustworthy lighting systems. I participated in two 24 hour races without

issue thanks to your systems."


"Based on my experience, I suspect youdidn't get fabulously wealthy:

I bought a DS-N system ten years ago, including spare bulbs for both lamps,

and I haven't needed either spare or any other parts. It's ironic that

I'm a very happy customer, and the proof of that is that

you haven't heard from me since my original purchase."


"As an engineer, I can't say enough about the fantastic design and the

extremely high quality of your product!! After the battery is dead

or I run out of bulbs, I plan on keeping the light forever

as a reminder of what good work is."


"I'm sorry to hear the door is closing. I've been using your system for fourteen

years and can't say enough about how great it has been. I appreciate the card

informing of the closure and need to consider getting some parts to tide me over.

Is there anything you would think needed to keep things going for another 20 years?

I'm spoiled with this system and don't want to get a different one before I die."



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